Friday, October 15, 2010


Well, been real busy around here... did a little duck hunting this week.. going to a decoy auction tomorrow .. should be fun
Here a shot of myself in Maine with some geese that we coaxed in...
the other photo is a mini Curlew that I carved on a pourch in Cananda and painted in a garage in Maine...
see you can make birds anywhere.. that is the great thing about this hobby...

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Well.. as my sister wrote, we are back... from Maine..
Didn't she do a great job as guess blogger.. please give her a hand..
and she was good to her word..said that knitting would end up on the blog and it did.. enough of that crap..
Here is a photo of the sun rise over the picked potatoe field in northern Maine, and the other shot is the results of a morning laying and waiting in the picked potatoe field..
My guide Russ Mount is posed with a limit of Geese.. first time he got to hunt out of the lay out blinds... we didn't even have time to fall asleep... maybe next time..
NOW back to carving...

Friday, October 8, 2010


Well, this is my last post as "guest blogger" for

Ross. I just heard from Ross and Sue and they are on their way home from the wilds of upper Maine. I promised Ross that I would make his blog famous as the only carving blog with knitting content. Here's a kinda dark picture of the socks I'm working on. I'm making them on size 0 needles using the magic loop method, two at a time, toe up. I'm just past turning the heel and am on my way up the leg. Facinating isn't it? I'm sure you're all looking forward to Ross getting back and reading about carving.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Dear Mom and Dad,
We are doing ok but we miss you terribly. Aunt Jeri still refuses to get up at 2 AM to feed us no matter how much we bother her. She pretends to be asleep but we aren't buying it. We were visited by Godzilla and his friend the bug eyed wood duck. I think he turned us into zombies. Aunt Jeri took our picture...What do you think?

Love and elbow licks, Chane and Zig

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hey , guess what? Ross gives gift certificates for his carving classes and carvings. Today I made a gift certificate for our favorite dental hygentist/carver, Lynn, to give to a co-worker for a birthday present. Evidently, if you put your hands in skanky mouths all day, you deserve a great present. So all you people out there (is there anyone out there?) it's the perfect present for someone who wants to learn to carve or appreciates a nice carving.
Today's pictures - a woodpecker and a nuthatch on a piece of driftwood that hangs in Ross's dining room and Ziggy doing what he does best - sleeping on MY pillow.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

10-03 Our Mom

When my brothers write biographies about themselves, they always talk about the influence that Daddy had on them as carvers. That's true but they neglect to mention that our Mom, Connie, was also an artist. That's her, pictured with our Dad. She excelled in many crafts. When the older three of us (Rich, Jessie and me) were little, she made and sold ceramics from our house on High St. She was an accomplished seamstress and made many matching dresses and coats for me and Jessie. We were so cute. The pictures that I've put on this post show some of the other artwork that she did. The bittern and the cat on the brick wall are painted on the walls at the High St. house where I live. She has also painted wall murals at Ross's and Rich's houses. The picture of the little girl with the horse is a painting that she did for me to put in my office at work. It must have been her "Grandma Moses" phase. The idea for the painting was a photo of our grandmother taken when she was about 1o years old (1910). The photographer lined up their whole family in front of the barn (they were dairy farmers) and each person had the reins of a horse. The painting shows just our grandmother "Nannie" holding the plow horse, Barney, and the dog that shows up in all the photos from that time, Shep. Mom also painted lots of birds. Daddy was slightly color blind and didn't like to paint very much, so she painted some of his decoys for him. She was the artistic influence for the whole family and all five of us miss her very much.