Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Well, Another shop night... here is a shot of Zack studying his GW Teal... just got done textured the base of paint... he will do some homework and then be ready to paint the bird... he is also looking at patterns to see what the next project will be..
The other photo is a Woodpecker that I'm carving for a upcoming seminar... Bird is cedar and white pine head.. should be done next shop night and then off to paint...
Rich and I are working together on an upcoming issue of Waterfowl Carving Magazine.. Bill interveiwed both of and took photos... looks like it is starting to work out...

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  1. I would add to that...Tom reinterviewed us and we are redoing parts of the article to co-incide with the premise of "a family affair" or as Jeri would say.."who puts the fun in dysfunctional?" Boy you are 'da man when it comes to 'da 'peckers ain't cha?